All About Alpha Brainwaves, Or How To Reach Your “Zen Zone”

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What are Alpha brainwaves?

Alpha waves vibrate from 8 to 13 Hz. These brainwaves are wonderful for memorizing, learning, staying focused or coming up with new ideas. However, they are also associated with being calm and relaxed or contemplating.

Many refer to the Alpha state as being “The Zen Zone”. It really depends on which Alpha frequency you are listening to.

Alpha Binaural Beats will help you learn information quickly

Binaural beats that help you achieve an alpha state will help you learn and process information easily. It will enable you to study or work in a more efficient way.

It is also useful to listen to alpha binaural beats when you are too distracted to concentrate fully on the present moment.

Tracks to help you achieve the Alpha state

Jim McElwee, a binaural beats expert said that naturally achieving the Alpha state is not a simple thing to do, unless the person knows how to do that consciously.

The very act of raising our minds to an Alpha state can take years of practice to really achieve.

To achieve the Alpha state, binaural beats recording can be very helpful. Here a couple recordings that you should listen to.

I always suggest this one for beginners and people who are cynical when it comes to binaural beats. This track here has helped me focus and prepare for my finals when I was still in college.

It is nice, has a great music with it and will keep you protected from unwanted outside noises. If you have exams or a big project to work on, you know what to do!

This one is just a pure alpha waves session. I suggest you start listening to this one once you are comfortable enough with the alpha binaural beats recording that have a background music in them.

Also, at first, only listen to 20 minutes or 25 minutes of this recording. A whole hour can be overwhelming.

Problems you might face to achieve the Alpha state

Reaching the Alpha state needs some practice. However, even when you reach it, it is difficult to maintain. This could be caused by a lack of sleep or stress that make us unable to concentrate for extended periods.

In addition, there are few times when our brainwaves are completely balanced with enough of Alpha activity to help us learn, but we soon become either too highly-strung, somewhere in the Beta zone, or too sleepy somewhere down in the Theta zone.

Nevertheless, the Alpha brain state is also associated with stress-resistance, as it gives our brain the ability to recuperate faster from fatigue and damage resulting from stress. Overall, the Alpha state or the “Zen zone” is just a great, calm and beautiful place to be.

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