6 Theta Binaural Beats Benefits

Theta binaural beats are sound waves with a frequency resonating between 4 and 8 hertz. These waves are widely associated with deep relaxation states, meditation, deep sleep, calmness and high intuition. Today, we are presenting the benefits of a regular use of Theta binaural beats.

1. Better Sleep

Theta waves are instrumental in the falling asleep part of the sleep cycle. Encouraging production of theta waves through brainwave entrainment will contribute positively to sleep.

Theta brain waves are present during light sleep and in the REM dream state. Binaural beats with theta waves are the best to help us fall asleep quickly.

2. Stress Relief

Theta waves can be very powerful when it comes to stress relief. When the brain is in a state of high theta wave production, we are feeling calm and very relaxed, not stressed at all.

If you are feeling stressed or had a bad day, put some theta binaural beats music, lay down and close your eyes. You will feel serene in a few minutes.

3. Easier Meditation Practice

Listening to theta binaural beats will help your brain produce lower frequency theta waves.

This will make you more prone to entering a meditative state. Meditation provides many benefits like easing the mind, the body, and clarifying our thoughts.

It can help you silence your negative ideas, or at least help you stop judging them.

Theta binaural beats will guide your mind towards more positive thoughts and will make it easier to reach a “trance meditative state”.

Here is a little tip: Every time a negative idea pops out while you meditate, try concentrating on the music instead and follow each note with your mind.

Try picturing every note as a color or as a form and visualize the beautiful “mind paintings” you can create. If this is too hard for you at first, concentrate on your breathing and the music only.

4. Unleash your Creativity

When we relax, close our eyes, and listen to theta binaural beats, we focus on our mind and our inner world instead of the outer world and our surroundings. We can be creative and imaginative easily.

Creative people such as writers, musicians or painters have high operating levels of theta waves when they are engaged in creation. Nevertheless, these people can suffer the “writer’s block” and find it harder to come up with new stories, ideas or paintings.

Listening to theta binaural beats makes it easier to unleash creativity and bypass those problems.

5. Increased Mental Clarity

When we are stressed, our mind tends to go in all directions. Ideas are everywhere and we cannot seem to concentrate on anything. Listening to theta brain waves can enable us to ease our minds and access mental clarity. We are able to focus on every idea easily

This will enable us to take better decisions and make realistic conclusions.

6. Lucid Dreams

A lucid dream is a dream state where you have control of all your actions and have the freedom to choose the details of your dream. Theta binaural beats can help you enter a deeply introspective state, where you can have lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming is not an out of body experience like astral projection; where you go out of your body and watch yourself from a certain distance. Lucid dreams are dreams where you will be in control. You can learn and practice lucid dreaming using theta binaural beats.

Here is a list of tracks with theta waves in them to help you meditate, have lucid dreams, relax or fall asleep.

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