Ever since Dimebag Darrell saw Dean guitars, he was instantly in love with them. As most are probably aware, he used Dean guitars for the majority of his career. The […]


Whether you like his music or not, Joe Satriani is one of the few living masters of guitar. In simple terms, there are those who know how to play an […]

Joe Satriani's Guitar Rig And Setup

Whenever someone starts talking about who is currently among the best guitarists alive, one name appears every single time. Joe Satriani is considered to be the true master of guitar. […]

Dave Mustaine Jackson KV1 Review

The history of metal music is written by those who introduce new sounds and previously unseen techniques. Even though there have been a huge number of metal bands, some of […]

What Gear Does Dave Mustaine Use?

Just how important Megadeth was for the evolution and propagation of metal is easy to figure out. They’ve introduced a lot of new ideas that weren’t necessarily present in the […]