This section is dedicated to reviews of the best guitar and bass amps on the market today.  If you play an electric guitar or bass, having the right amp is crucial.  You know it.  We know it. Damn well everyone knows it!  So take a look at what you’ve got, and decide, is it time to upgrade?

MXR M133 Micro Amp review

Clean boost pedals are one of the simplest but ultimately helpful tools you can have as a guitar player. The idea behind a clean boost is to add more gain […]

Marshall JCM900 4100

Marshall’s JCM series of amps has got to be one of the most legendary designs to ever grace the world of music. JCM800 laid down the groundwork for what was […]


The ’90s were a rather turbulent period for music in general. Several genres skyrocketed in popularity, the scenery changed, and you could say that hard hitting sound became more popular […]