does karaoke improve singing?

Here is a very good question that often gets asked: Does karaoke improve your singing?  Well, as a music teacher of over 10 years and a musician and singer myself, […]

Regality Wireless Karaoke Microphone Review

Today, we’ll be reviewing about Regality’s wireless karaoke microphone.  Regality is a tech-savvy company that produces things like musical instruments, watches, lighters, and, of course, microphones.  All of these products look […]

rockville karaoke system review

Many years ago, when performing karaoke at local bars or even at home, I would flip through binders and binders of songs that I could perform.  
It’s funny to think […]

Singtrix home karaoke system machine review

Ah, karaoke!  Who doesn’t love it?  Whether you’re good at it or you aren’t exactly the greatest, you have to admit that it brings everybody together for fun times.  Of […]