Instruments are normally grouped into a few categories. There are stringed, percussion, electronic, and wind instruments. Many traditional instruments fall into these categories while some defy categorization or fit into more than one category.

Percussion instruments include pieces like the drum that we’re all familiar with, but they also include instruments like the handpan or the clapsticks that are used in other countries. We have some information for our readers that cover percussion instruments as well as how to record them as you learn to become a better musician.

Stringed instruments include the guitar, banjo, and violin, but also the baglama popular in Turkey or the erhu of China. The guitar and the banjo are just a few of the instruments we cover on our site.

Electronic instruments like the drum machine or the electronic organ are instruments that are familiar in many countries. Machines like drum controllers are easy to carry around from one venue to the next. It makes it convenient for solo artists to use electronic instruments without the help of anyone else to carry their equipment.

Lastly, the wind instruments include the accordion, bagpipe or bassoon. These are all popular in various areas of the world. We cover a bit about the trumpet on the site because we have topics regarding the best jazz trumpet players of all time. That’s an article that our readers love.