Welcome to our section on the mysterious and dynamic genre of music known as jazz.  Here you will find many articles on or related to this topic, ranging from the main instruments of jazz music, to the popular players of those instruments, to the fascinating history of the genre, and so on.  Whether you appreciate jazz for its improvisational qualities, the technical prowess of the players, or the sublime nuance of some of its finer compositions, you will no doubt find something of interest here!  

tom harrell american jazz trumpetist

Tom Harrell is an American jazz trumpeter, arranger, flugelhorn player, and composer born in Urbana, Illinois on the 16th of June, 1946. Here’s a sample of Tom’s playing, as Wayne Escoffrey […]

What are the Main Genres of American Music?

“Good” music means something different to everyone these days, and this is highlighted by the growing number of genres and sub-genres that circulate in both mainstream and underground circles. Most […]

coleman hawkins

The tenor saxophone was not generally considered a jazz instrument when Coleman Hawkins took it up at the age of nine. At that time, around 1915, swing music was a […]


Some artists are born for their craft. Perhaps the greatest among musicians—whose very name has become synonymous with virtuosity and genius—is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This towering, Classical era composer demonstrated […]