Folk Banjo

There are some instruments that lend themselves specifically to certain genres of music. The folk banjo is one of them. The folk banjo comes in 4, 5, or 6 string versions. The most common for folk music is a 5-string, which comes with a 5th string that is used as a drone string.

The banjo itself can come with a resonator or open-back version, but the classic banjo used for folk music is often the open-back banjo. This allows the sound to reverberate around the room. There’s a lower tone and laid back sound associated with a banjo with an open back. That’s why it’s used for folk music.

In our folk banjo category, we have reviews of some of the best banjos to be used for those who want to explore folk music. There are individual reviews as well as a guide for how to choose a banjo for musicians who want to start experimenting with folk music.

We couldn’t cover the folk banjo without touching on the history of the banjo itself, and how it was first used for folk music. Many artists throughout history have had experience with the folk banjo. Iconic folk songs have been played with the banjo. Songs like Cotton-Eyed Joe and Foggy Mountain Breakdown are great banjo songs that most people know.

They’re often the first songs that a beginner will try to learn on the banjo. It’s important to start with beginner songs when learning the banjo, though. You don’t want to get discouraged before you’ve given the folk banjo a chance.