Electronic Music

In this section, we include articles that feature anything relating to electronic music.  Of course, electronic music is music which is made with synths and other electronic instruments, as well as computers.   

One might argue that unlike genres like rock music and pop music, sonically, electronic music knows no bounds, as it is not really limited to the same confines as other genres. Because of the limitless sounds that can be achieved, the songs often don’t stick to standard formats or lengths, and this can be a huge turn off to some music listeners, and a huge turn on for others.  Since people generally are looking for things which are familiar, a lot of electronic music defies expectations and goes down new sonic avenues that other genres would never attempt.

Yet, unlike what some people might think, this is now a genre that is not so new anymore, going back many decades and with a rich history that is as fascinating as any other musical genre.

On this site, we cover many of the subgenres of electronic music such as EDM, IDM, techno, vaporwave, ambient, trance, and more.  Have a look around and see what you can find!

Who Is Aphex Twin?

“Forget all the equipment, forget the music, at the end of the day it’s just literally frequencies and their effects on your brain. That’s what’s everyone’s essentially after.” Aphex Twin, […]


Electronic dance music, also known as EDM, hasn’t always held the place in our culture that it does today. Although the conception of electronic dance music was around in the 70’s, […]

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