DJ Controllers

From Pioneer to Numark, this category is filled with all the DJ controllers a beginning DJ will need. When you’re wondering what kind of equipment you’ll need to DJ in a club or DJ a wedding, this is the place where you’ll be able to find all the controller gear that makes the difference between a newbie and a professional who gets gig after gig due to his skills. 

Whether you want to start out with CDs before graduating to the vinyl collection that you’ve been building in your music library, these controllers are some of the best in the industry. We’ve reviewed them for you and made our best recommendations on what you’ll need to get started or advance in the career that speaks to your passion for music. 




The state-of-the-art MCX8000 manufactured by the one and only Denon DJ is among the latest standalone DJ players and DJ controllers on the market, and stands firm when it comes […]


Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2 is an entry-level controller for Serato DJ. The controller has all features of the original DDJ-SB including the Performance Pads, Filter Fade, Level Meters, Pad Trans Beat Effect, […]


Numark’s latest controller, the Mixtrack Pro 3, smashed the competition as sales skyrocketed and they sold twice as much as their main rivals. Mixtrack Pro II was released some time ago, […]


The Beatpad 2 by Reloop is a pro DJ controller which has in the past few years taken the DJing world by storm and established itself as somewhat of a […]