chad casarin

Chad Casarin is a multi-instrumentalist musician and multi-media visual artist who hails from Southwestern Ontario.  In addition to making various types of art, he is also very passionate about several […]

Boss OC-3 Dual Super Octave Pedal review

Pearl Jam is one of the original four bands that have turned grunge from a small niche genre into mainstream. None of that would have been possible without Eddie’s ingenuity, […]

jerry grey and the suburban bike gang

Jerry Grey is a musician hailing from the city of Cambridge, Ontario (affectionately referred to as “Lamebridge”), who enjoys a nice campfire, a quality cigar, and a snifter of fine […]

The Approachables

The Approachables were / are an indie pop rock band that existed from 2000-2002, and then reformed briefly in 2012 to play one reunion show at the L Lounge (sans […]