October 2017

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MGMT Band History and Biography

MGMT, formerly known as The Management, is an American alternative rock group, originally from Middletown, Connecticut. The group was initially formed by school chums Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden. Beginnings […]

courage for gord downie

The reference of ‘Courage’ is to his song for Hugh MacLennan, so here’s to all of us whose ‘watch[es] end the night’. I can think of no greater tribute to […]

sony digital 8

Phenomenal Video Productions started with me, Daniel Evans, and David Salloch way back in 1999. We started writing a movie which would only ever be partially made, and then it […]

tom harrell american jazz trumpetist

Tom Harrell is an American jazz trumpeter, arranger, flugelhorn player, and composer born in Urbana, Illinois on the 16th of June, 1946. Here’s a sample of Tom’s playing, as Wayne Escoffrey […]